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Evers Sinclair is dangerous. 
One flash of that teasing smile, and I know he’s going to ruin me. 
He makes my body shiver and my brain melt. 
He’s also a huge mistake. 
Girls like me don’t land guys like Evers. 
But every time he knocks on my door, I let him in. 
I thought we understood each other. 
I thought we were playing the same game. 
I was wrong. 

I’ve never had a problem mixing business with pleasure. 
Until Summer. 
I was supposed to keep an eye on her, not take her to bed. 
Once I had her where I wanted her, I couldn’t let her go. 
I’m going to have to move heaven and Earth to win her back.
And that’s the easy part.
With the Russian mob after us and her father dragging us to hell…
I don’t just have to win her back, I have to keep her alive.

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