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Royal has more trouble than he can handle.
His father's been murdered, and the killer is trying to destroy the Sawyers any way they can.
The last thing he needs is to complicate his life further. Like, say, with a woman.
But Daisy Hutchins doesn't feel like a complication,
she feels like the only thing that makes sense in a life turned upside down.

Daisy isn't looking for any kind of complication, especially one of the male variety.
She has enough trouble of her own, and men have brought her nothing but bad luck.
Royal swears he's different. The scary thing is...Daisy almost wants to believe him.
Everything about Royal screams danger for a normal girl like her.
Royal is gorgeous, rich, and powerful.
Daisy should send him packing before he makes everything worse. But when he smiles, all she can think is Yes

The Billionaire's Secret Heart
The Billionaire's Secret Love
The Billionaire's Pet
The Billionaire's Promise
The Rebel Billionaire
The Billionaire's Angel
Engaging The Billionaire
Compromising the Billionaire