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Knox Sinclair is a man of a few words. 
Intense. Focused. 
Touching him is a bad idea. 
I already know that. 
I know it and I want to do it anyway.
My life is a mess—A man is the last thing I need.
My dead husband left behind nothing but trouble. 
Knox has answers, but he isn't sharing.
I don’t know if I can trust him. 
I want to. I can’t afford to be wrong. 
My body is begging for his, but I need to say no. 

I don’t have to say a word and women fall in my lap. 
I never wanted to keep one until Lily.
I saw her picture and I wanted her.
Now I can’t stop thinking about her.
I want to touch her.
Kiss her pouty lips. 
Caress her sweet ass. 
I’m here to keep Lily and her son safe.
And find answers
But trusting her… that’s a different story. 
With both of our lives on the line trusting Lily is my only option…

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