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What happens when the only person you ever trusted betrays you?
Hope Daniels was my friend. My confident.
Right up until the day she stabbed me in the back and cost me everything.
My family. My fortune. My legacy.

Now my father’s been murdered and his will might be the death of me.
It wasn’t enough to banish me fifteen years ago. Even dead, he cant resist twisting the knife.
He’ll give me back everything I lost, everything he stole … if I marry Hope.
To make matters worse, the fate of the town rests in my hands.

My siblings hate me, that family estate is falling apart, and my father’s murderer is still out there.

My only ally is Hope, the one person I know I can’t trust.

Except this Hope is different from the girl I knew.
For one thing, she’s not a girl any more. She’s a woman.
I want to hate her. I absolutely don’t want to want her. But I do.

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