How Does Ivy's ARC Team Work?

1How do I join Ivy's ARC Team?
To be a member of Ivy's ARC team, you must be able to leave reviews on Amazon, BookBub, or Goodreads.

To submit your application, please fill out the form below, including a link to one of your reviews of an Ivy Layne book. Please only submit the link, not the review itself.

**Acceptance to the team is not based on the content of the review, only on the willingness and ability to leave a review.**
2Does this mean I get free books?
Yes! You'll also get Ivy's books early, about a week or two before they're published.

Generally, you'll receive the retail version of the book, with the addition of a notice that the book is an ARC copy.

Please note that the ARC team is only offered new release copies. Books released previously are not offered for review, though they can be read for free through Kindle Unlimited.
3What do I have to do?
It's easy! As soon as a new Ivy Layne book is ready for the ARC Team, you'll receive an email with a link to download the ARC, as well as the expected publication date and review deadline.

If you'd like to read the book and feel you'll be able to read and review by the deadline, download your ARC from Book Funnel, the service we use to deliver ebooks. Then you'll read and review the book. Your review can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but we do ask that you not reveal any spoilers.

Per Amazon's terms, as part of your review you'll include the words, "I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of the book." (Or something similar.)

When the book is published, you'll receive an email with the link to the book on Amazon, BookBub & Goodreads.

Simple as that! Just read and post your review :)
4How Quickly Do I Have To Review?
Ideally, you'd be able to post your review on release day, about a week after you receive the ARC copy of the new release. However, we know life gets busy and your 'to be read' pile is probably as crazy as ours. If you can't make release day, within the first few days is wonderful.
5What if I don't like the book?
Hey, it happens. We all come across books that don't do it for us, even from our favorite authors. Your honest review is all we ask for, and all we want. Tell it like it is and leave the review you feel good about.

Don't worry about Ivy, she has thick skin. And she knows all books and all people are different. She doesn't expect you to like every book. And she certainly doesn't expect you to keep quiet if you have something to say.

Think about it this way - if there's something in a book you don't like, odds are another reader will feel the same way. Often, pointing out those issues doesn't turn other readers away from the book, it just gives them a better idea what they should expect. That makes the reading experience better for everyone :)