Engaging the Billionaire

(The Winters Saga #8)
Pages: 364
Release Date: November 28,2017
Price: $3.99


If we can’t outrun the past, we won’t have a future.
The rock on her hand is real, but our engagement is a fake.
Once upon a time, I dreamed of buying her a ring, until everything blew up in my face.
That was the past, and this is business.
At least, it is until I kiss her.
It's supposed to be part of the act — and it is — right until my lips touch hers.
I forget where we are.
I forget why I'm kissing her.
I just want more.
More of her taste, more of the tug of her fingers in my hair as she pulls me closer.
More of her tongue stroking mine, more of her breath in my lungs.
Just more.
I want everything.
Annalise is more than a client. More than my ex.
She could be my future.
If I can’t keep her safe, I won’t lose her to the past, I’ll lose her forever.

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