The Rebel Billionaire

(The Winters Saga #5)
Pages: 342
Release Date: March 22, 2017
Price: $3.99


I didn’t buy my house just so I could stare at the guy next door. I swear.
It’s not my fault he mows the lawn with his shirt off. His tattooed muscles are an eye magnet.
I can’t look away.
The first kiss is an accident. One taste and I have to have more.
We were supposed to keep it casual. Neighbors with benefits. No big deal.
When a client comes after me for turning him into the FBI, Lucas swears he’ll keep me safe.
I’m not supposed to fall in love with him. That’s not the deal.
I’m walking straight into broken heart and I can’t stop myself.


My new neighbor is a nightmare. Or a wet dream.
Charlotte Winters, the crown princess of the Winters clan.
It shouldn’t be hard to keep my distance. We have nothing in common.
I grew up not knowing where my next meal was coming from. She grew up with a personal chef.
But Charlie isn’t what I expected. It’s not just that she’s funny, and determined, and sexy as hell.
She’s vulnerable. She’s in danger. And she turns to fire in my arms.
One kiss and I’m in too deep to walk away.
I have no business being friends with a woman like her, much less claiming a place in her bed.
Too f*king bad.
Now that I've had a taste of Charlie, I’m not giving her up. Not until I have to.
Even if it destroys us both.

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