The Billionaire's Angel

(The Winters Saga #7)
Release Date: August 22, 2017
Price: $3.99


He thought the fight was over until his heart was on the line.

I thought coming home would solve all my problems. I’ve never been more wrong.

After a decade in the military, I’m more at home in the desert than the mansion where I grew up.

I want to pretend that six months as a captive didn’t change me, but ever since I escaped, I haven’t slept.

Nightmares. Flashbacks.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Until I see her.

Standing in the moonlight in her white nightgown, she looks like an angel. The second I touch her I know she's all woman.

Sophie’s no angel, but she just might be my salvation. If I can convince her to let down her guard.

Secrets lurk in her green eyes. Secrets that threaten our fragile connection.

Secrets that could steal her from me.

Home was supposed to be safe, but now I’m in the fight of my life to save the woman I love, before I lose everything.

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