FAQ's About Ivy Layne

1Will any of Ivy's books be in Kindle Unlimited? What about other retailers?

The first two books by Ivy, The Billionaire's Secret Heart & The Billionaire's Secret Love are available at most major ebook retailers, Secret Heart for free and Secret Love at $2.99. According to the terms of Kindle Unlimited, Ivy can't give away for free any book that is enrolled in KU. Since both Secret Heart & Secret Love are available for free (Secret Love is free when you sign up for Ivy's Reader's Group), Ivy did not enroll them in the KU program. Their companion novella, The Billionaire's Secret Kiss, will also be available at all major ebook retailers.

The three novellas aside, all of Ivy's books are available in Kindle Unlimited. For now, all of Ivy's upcoming books will be included in the Kindle Unlimited program and exclusive to Amazon.

2Will Ivy's books be released in audiobook or paperback format?
Yes! (But not all right away and the timing will vary) Paperbacks will be released as close to the ebook as possible, sometimes even a few days before. Audio usually takes a little longer, but as each format is available it will be released to readers.
3Is there a correct reading order?
Yes and No. All of Ivy's books are written as standalone romances, each with its own couple finding their happily ever after at the end. However, each series does have an arc that may be more fun to read as it unfolds. That said, the heart of every story is the couple finding love, not the series arc, so you could read each book out of chronological order and not miss a thing.

Click Here for the complete reading order of all books & series.
4Who is Alexa Wilder and what does she have to do with Ivy Layne?
Ivy Layne wrote the Alpha Billionaire Club series as Alexa Wilder until some publishing issues limited what she could write under the Alexa name. But not to worry, the characters and world of the Alpha Billionaire Club series are continued in Ivy's Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires series and the upcoming Sinclair Security series.

All of the books written by Ivy Layne as Alexa Wilder are now released listing Ivy Layne as the author. If the book isn't listed on this website or Amazon as an Ivy Layne book, it wasn't written by Ivy under any name.
5I noticed something funny about Jacob's and Summer's names...
Funny you should mention it...In older versions of The Temptation Trap by Alexa Wilder, Jacob's last name is Meyers and Summer's last name is Winters but no one mentions that it's a little odd she's named Winters and doesn't seem to know any of the Sinclairs. This is the only detail shifted in the books when Alexa transitioned these stories to Ivy.

Here's how it happened. When it became apparent that Alexa would have to continue telling this story through a new pen name, she had to take a little time off to get organized, and in that time off, Jacob's story grew. Suddenly, he had brothers, a sister, cousins, and a history filled with tragedy and scandal. He also ended up sharing Summer's last name. So who is Summer? That's a secret for now, and Ivy's not telling yet. But she'll be back and readers who know The Temptation Trap can guess who her hero will be.

Since the shift from Alexa to Ivy, The Temptation Trap has been edited to account for the changes. The edits were no more than a few sentences and didn't change the book much at all. However, if you have a copy of The Temptation Trap with Jacob's last name as Meyers and want the updated version, drop Ivy a line and she'll get you a new ebook